Corporate Services

Flexible Plans & Proven Strategy

At David Shield Security, we proudly offer a range of flexible corporate security solutions. We work with our clients to customize a protection package that meets the needs of their business, ensuring the physical and personal safety of all staff. Meanwhile, our information security agents monitor your confidential company data in order to identify and neutralize threats.


Our polygraph examinations are fair and unbiased, providing accurate information across a wide variety of circumstances, including insurance claim investigations or criminal cases. The results of the examinations can be readily utilized by the client to assess the examinee’s truthfulness.

Corporate Counter Espionage

The world of corporate espionage is constantly evolving. Our role is to track developing tactics in order to ensure that our clients maintain a competitive advantage. Our holistic risk assessment process allows us to correct flaws in your security system before they result in the loss of trade secrets.


Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) services offer a means to protect your information from highly sophisticated security threats. By performing both physical and technological sweeps of your environment, we can ensure continued operational and financial credibility. Most importantly, we exercise complete discretion in all matters.


Thorough and efficient investigations are the backbone of all comprehensive risk management strategies. Our elite investigative team works closely with intelligence agencies to supports both simple and complex investigations.