Corporate: Corporate Counter Espionage

Surveillance activity is becoming increasingly common in the corporate sector. Our elite counter-espionage services allow you to maintain your market advantage.

Identify Threats & Minimize Disruption

The world of corporate espionage is very real and very different from what one would expect. It is far from glamorous, lacking both gunfights and super humans, but it is a concern to companies. Competitors next product line, bid price or any other sensitive data can give a rival company a competitive advantage – provided they don't get caught. The temptation is strong, so corporate espionage will continue - whether we hear about it or not.

Today corporate espionage is more sophisticated than ever. Foreign spy agencies now spying for the benefit of business in their homeland, ex intelligent personal whom working for the privet sector for competitors. And with spy gadgets that can be placed in anything and everything, your business is most likely under clandestine attack.

Most companies that find themselves suffering intelligence leaks probably punched those holes in their security through their own negligence.

There are several reasons that we don't hear about corporate espionage too often. If a corporation admits that it has been the victim of cloak and dagger activities, it appears vulnerable. This could potentially attract more freelance espionage based on the company being an "easy target." It also shakes shareholders confidence. Corporate espionage is a much more compelling headline than an earnings report, so the news of a breach would almost certainly receive the publicity that would cause the company's irreversible damage.

DSS has the tools and means to combat any threat or concerns that may arise.