Online Security: Social Media Monitoring

Social media is a platform for communication and community. Our social media monitoring services allow even the most high-profile clients to use social media as intended, with minimal disruptions.

Monitoring for the Modern World

Social media becomes a source of intelligence that corporate security groups can use to monitor facilities, assets, locations of interest, etc. As social media monitoring has evolved, the tools used to monitor the social media universe have advanced as well to provide detailed analysis behind the people and their posts. With little additional effort needed on the part of the end user, the tools have progressed to complement the role of analysts and investigators, helping them discover, analyze, investigate and solve cases faster and more efficiently and most important, to prevent threats from becoming disasters.

DSS provides companies and VIP clients with effective 24/7 social media monitoring. We currently provide high level of social media monitoring for high profile individuals, including several celebrities and politicians around the world.

How We Will Help:

  • DSS monitor client’s social media profiles.
  • DSS monitor all social media platforms for negative posting.
  • DSS monitor by sentiment, keywords, by authors, country, state, city or even venue location, or a combination of all.
  • DSS can identify, monitor, locate and isolate individuals or groups that post negative comments about our clients.
  • DSS monitor persons posting negative comments about our clients and use all avenues at our disposal to attempt to identify, locate and do a “deep dive” on subjects and their social media postings and profiles.
  • DSS monitor globally, regionally, or even by geolocation such as a hospital, street block, concert venue, etc by geofencing the specific area, and alert client’s security personnel for any immediate threat or red flag coming from a nearby individual.

What We Provide:

  • When possible, DSS will provide the geolocations of the individuals who post negative comments.
  • DSS provides 24/7 emergency notifications of any threats against our clients that are mentioned or posted online.
  • DSS provides detailed information about all negative posts, persons making the posts, content, sentiment, top authors of negative and positive posts, keywords etc.