About Us

Who we are?

David Shield Security is a full-service security and investigation firm founded by former Israeli Secret Service agents with combine experience of 60 plus years in counter terrorism, counter espionage, executive protection and the private security sector. Our services are highly flexible and can be designed to adjust to specific client's requirements. Our knowledge, vast experience, and current performance, position DSS as a leader in its industry. It goes without saying that our agents are among the world's best in the field of security.

Under the Protective Security Department of the Israeli Government, (Shin Bet) DSS founders were fully trained and tasked with providing intelligence for counter-terrorism operations, counter-espionage, personal protection of senior public officials, including prime ministers and presidents and foreign Dignitaries. Oversees, they were securing important high profile infrastructure and safeguarded El Al Israeli airlines, and including embassies in Asia, South America, Europe and the United States. Both founders are certified Israeli Air Marshals and routinely used to travel on a covert security details throughout the world.

The founders have collaborated with multiple law enforcement agencies and teams, including Police SWAT, Special Respond Team (SRT), Navy, and US Military Special Forces.

At DSS, the founders practice same secrecy and "low profile security" methods as they did once for the Israeli government. Our clients know that we protect their privacy and intellectual property at the highest level of confidentiality possible. DSS' commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our clients, their families, business and brands is second to none. Our personal dedication and attention to detail provide us with the ability to conduct day to day activity worldwide with as little to no interruptions to our clients.