David Shield Security posseses the skills, knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, and the ability to gather and analyze information discreetly and ethically so you can get the answers you've been seeking.

Comprehensive Investigation Services

Investigation services refer to professional services provided by individuals or organizations to gather and analyze information related to specific cases or incidents. Our experienced agents perform every investigation with integrity and discretion. We act as a source of reliable information, allowing you to improve policies and procedures.

Investigations and intelligence are key components of a properly designed and executed risk management program. DSS team is staffed with experienced, professional investigators from the private sector, police and the intelligence community. Our SIU (Special Investigation Unit) supports simple and complex investigations from witness statements and crime scene investigations to covert surveillance and criminal defense.

Our SIU conducts complex investigations from witness statements and crime scene investigations to covert surveillance and criminal defense including:

These investigations are conducted for businesses to address internal issues, such as employee misconduct, fraud, embezzlement, intellectual property theft, etc.

These services are often employed by law firms or legal professionals to gather evidence, locate witnesses, and conduct background checks for civil or criminal cases.

Investigation services can perform comprehensive background checks on individuals, employees, or potential business partners to verify their credentials, employment history, criminal record, and financial background.

Insurance companies may hire investigators to examine claims, verify information, and detect potential fraudulent activities.

Investigators may conduct surveillance to monitor activities and gather evidence discreetly in various scenarios, such as marital disputes, insurance fraud, or theft.

These investigations focus on financial transactions, assets, and activities to uncover fraud, money laundering, or financial misconduct.

Investigators may assist in locating missing persons or conducting searches for long-lost relatives or friends.

These investigations focus on protecting intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents, by uncovering unauthorized use or infringement.

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