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David Shield Security offers state of the art executive protection services, customized for your needs. Founded by former Secret Service and IDF Elite Special Operations Forces, our agents understand the rigorous demands of personal protection. Whether you require residential or international support, we’ll be there to secure the people and belongings that matter most to you.

The nature of our work is discreet and strategic. Our agents are highly trained to be effective but also invisible, ensuring that we don’t interfere with your life and work. As your executive protection partner, we’ll provide comprehensive security that you can depend on.


Meet Our Elite Agents

David Shield Security agents are handpicked from the best and most qualified applicants. Our risk assessment strategies have been honed over decades and implemented in some of the most tumultuous environments across the globe. The majority of our experts are battle-tested, and they bring their dedication and experience to every assignment.

While in the field, our elite operatives constantly weigh the risks of exposure to the client against concerns for public safety. Many of our agents possess a background in law enforcement, counter-terrorism, surveillance or intelligence. This unrivaled training and skill helps them to recognize and neutralize potential threats.

Protection & Productivity

Corporate culture is variable, and our agents understand the nuances of your professional environment. Through quick thinking and extensive training, our agents will identify a threat and work to keep the situation from escalating. You can rest assured that we will only exercise force if the situation demands it.

When you put your life in our hands, you can do so with confidence. We offer scalable solutions, traveling with our clients, no matter where your business takes you. We adapt to your unique needs in order to offer safety and peace of mind. 

Our Executive Protection Services

There are different forms of risk you may face, including physical, financial, environmental or technological. We’ll work with you to determine which risks are most relevant to your situation and customize an executive protection package to accommodate your unique needs.

At David Shield Security, we combine the talent and skill of our protective agents with intelligence networks and emergency response systems to ensure coverage for any risk you may face. Our global network of resources and personnel helps us guarantee the best in class service to each client.


Residential Security

Your home should be a place of safety, tranquility, and relaxation. At David Shield Security, we deliver that assurance for highly visible and high net-worth individuals. From the moment you reach out to us, we’ll assess your daily risks, which may include paparazzi, political protestors, or stalkers. After we’ve gathered the information that we need, whether at your primary or secondary residence, we’ll supply flexible protection backed by decades of experience.

Secure Travel Service

Both domestic and international travel can prove new threats to your security. Our team will evaluate any security measures already in place and determine whether they will be sufficient for your trip. Furthermore, we offer executive protection to accompany you and your family. You’ll be matched with operatives who are familiar with the terrain of your travel destination, as well as the local language and customs. These agents are uniquely positioned to neutralize threats and perform emergency evacuations.

Protective Surveillance

Protective surveillance services are ideal for people who want to maintain a low profile, while still being protected at home, work, and on the road. While close surveillance can produce a mob-like effect, our agents know how to maintain a respectful distance that ensures they would be available and ready in the event of a threat. This is a common strategy, used by many high-value individuals who take advantage of executive protection services.

Crisis Management

Unexpected disasters are particularly hazardous for individuals who require personal security. Our teams are available at a moment’s notice and equipped to provide evacuations or handle other crisis situations. Each client we work with comes to us with unique needs, and we’ve built a reputation for excellence by meeting and exceeding those needs.

Security Driver

Complete protection requires the presence of a trained security driver. For long-distance trips or a simple drive down the block, our armored vehicles are equipped to detect security threats and shield our clients. At the same time, our security drivers can perform evasive maneuvers as necessary. We provide constant protection for our clients throughout this process.

Counter Surveillance

Complex executive protection cases may involve counter surveillance. In the event that our subject is being followed or investigated, we will take immediate counter surveillance action. Our dedicated agents will identify the surveilling parties, while simultaneously working to deter and deny further surveillance. We work discreetly to minimize disruption to your daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Executive protection is a service offered to high net-worth individuals and individuals who spend significant time in the public eye. This service provides a team of agents who can address daily risks or provide protection for a single event. At David Shield Security, an executive protection package can include services such as international protection and crisis management. These plans are highly flexible and can be customized for the unique needs of any individual.

The decision to increase personal security is dependent on the individual. We’ve worked with famous entertainers, foreign diplomats, athletes, religious figures, politicians, media personnel and corporate executives. If you believe that you may require protection for yourself, your family, or your assets - we’re ready to assist you. When you reach out to us, we’ll discuss your security needs. At that time, we can offer guidance to help you build a package that works for you.  

In addition to personal protection, we also provide executive protection services for events or meetings. Large gatherings can present safety risks for high-value or high-profile guests. Our agents are trained for emergency evacuations, crowd control, surveillance, countersurveillance, as well as situation assessment. Executive protection is well-suited for events such as concerts, festivals, fundraisers, trade-shows, shareholder meetings, and other gatherings that draw high media interest.

At David Shield Security, your family is a priority - not an afterthought. Prior to large events, we’ll create a plan for the safe extraction of your loved ones. When you obtain long-term executive protection, we’ll also provide informational briefings and protective training to those closest to you. By taking this forward-thinking approach, we can ensure that your loved ones remain calm and protected in the event of a crisis.

Most executive protection cases will never involve law enforcement. However, in counter-surveillance cases in which the surveilling party has acted unlawfully, our agents will supply law enforcement with all evidence collected. At David Shield Security, we have the utmost respect for law enforcement officials, and we will work in concert with them as necessary to ensure the safety of our clients. If our client must open a case with local law enforcement, we will do everything in our power to assist with the case as well.

With over 60 years of combined experience, we are a full-service protection and security firm, giving us the skills and flexibility to adapt to individual client needs. Every protection plan is guided by our proprietary approach and cutting-edge technology. Our field agents are the best in the business and possess intelligence and counter-terrorism training. Every member of our team is united in the goal of ‘low profile security’ and exceptional confidentiality. When you require the highest level of protection, you can rely on our team to provide safety and peace of mind.

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