Security Services: Event Security

Both event attendees and featured individuals benefit from a well-secured event environment. We'll create risk management and crisis response protocol that offers peace of mind.

Access Control & Continuous Protection

Special events can rang from political conventions to sport spectaculars, from award shows and entertainment events to product sales, wedding or major corporate marketing events; DSS provide unparalleled security services for the upscale clientele industry. We offer various level and coverage from a visible, well suited agents, to plain cloth, blended in agents with concealed weapons for seamless security environment, to a uniform, armed and unarmed security officers. DSS provides advance planning for any event, we conduct threat assessment and plan accordingly.

Our management is skilled at understanding and planning the event security from A to Z, including walking through the venue prior to event's date, positioning security personnel at key entrances and exits, allocating specific security team at and around stages, having crowed control team and creating a crisis response plan. We drill evacuation and triage point for emergency and rescue teams when applicable. We provide first aid kits, defibrillators, flashlights, emergency bullhorn, two way radios with surveillance head set, people counters and more.

For access controls measures we offer invisible stamps, UV lights, wristbands, credentials etc. DSS' focus on safety and security for all our clients and their guests is kept at the highest level, while providing kindness and politeness with all customer service.