Executive Protection

Our mission is to allow each and every client and his or her family to freely exercise their normal way of life with minimal interruption while safety and security remain at the highest level.

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Executive protection, also known as close protection or bodyguarding, refers to the security measures and services provided to protect high-profile individuals, such as corporate executives, celebrities, government officials, and other individuals at risk due to their prominence, wealth, or sensitive positions. The primary goal of executive protection is to ensure the safety and security of the client by minimizing potential threats and risks.

The David Shield Security elite executive protection team is composed of highly-trained professionals who understand the importance of being proactive and adaptable. They are well-prepared to think on their feet and improvise in various situations to execute the most suitable mitigation actions. For DSS’s Executive Protection team, failure is not an option.

We tailor our security plans to the specific needs of each individual client, and the level of protection provided can vary depending on the perceived threat level. Clients may require protection for a single event, ongoing protection during specific periods, or continuous 24/7 security. We have one goal in mind – to protect our VIP clients and allow them to conduct their personal and professional activities with confidence and peace of mind.

Collecting and analyzing information to stay ahead of potential threats

Analyzing potential threats and evaluating the level of risk the client may face in various situations

Conducting thorough background checks on individuals who come into contact with the client or have access to sensitive information

Implementing measures to reduce or eliminate identified risks, such as creating secure travel routes or conducting advance security checks of venues

Providing physical protection for the client during public appearances, events, or travel

Monitoring the surroundings to detect any potential threats or suspicious activities

Preparing for and handling emergency situations, such as protests, natural disasters, or medical emergencies

Ensuring the safe movement of the client, which may include using armored vehicles or employing defensive driving techniques

Maintaining constant communication with the client and relevant parties to coordinate security measures

Our Mission

Commitment to the safety and well-being of our clients, their families, and their business, every day, wherever they may be in the world.

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