Security Services: Armored Vehicles

Our armored vehicles are designed and manufactured with your safety in mind. Featuring bullet-proof glass and state of the art technology, we bring new levels of protection to your transportation

Protection That Moves With You

David Shield Security’s armored vehicles are the result of careful, custom engineering to ensure the complete protection of our clients. Each of our vehicles sports all-over bulletproof glass passenger windows, and the windshields are replaced with curved armored glass, framed with plates of steel. High-quality brakes and tires with the flat run system are standard. All doors are secured with a lightweight proprietary material and strengthened with steel plates for maximum safety. This level of protection is compliant with European Standard B6 level and NATO AEP-55 STANAG 4569.

Armored vehicles are a critical component of executive protection services. They provide risk management for our clients, no matter what threats you may face. In more hazardous environments, the roof and floor of each armored car can control the center of the gravity of the vehicle and absorb mild blasts. On the other hand, when discretion is your priority, our battery and fuel tanks are also armored with an upgraded suspension system for increased protection without changing the vehicle appearance.

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    Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)


    B6 High Power Rifle Protection - NIJ III/European B6


    • Battery and fuel tank protection 
    • Four-wheel drive


    This sleek black SUV is discreet without sacrificing function. Due to its high armor level, it is capable of withstanding attack from high powered rifles, making it suitable for travel in most areas of the United States.