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Your estate deserves the best protection available. Our team will work with you to create a comprehensive security plan which leverages both technology and personnel to provide you peace of mind.

Reliable Residential Security

Estate security refers to the protection and safeguarding of private residential properties or estates. Estates are often large and secluded, making them attractive targets for criminals. Ensuring the security of an estate is essential to maintain the safety and well-being of its residents and their assets. David Shield Security’s seasoned team leverages their extensive experience protecting assets and VIPs and deploy the appropriate strategy and plan to safeguard your estate. The security plan might include operational procedures, relevant security technologies and armed or unarmed security agents, to create a safe and unobtrusive home security environment.

DSS utilizes state-of-the-art methods and technologies to secure the estate and its inhabitants 24/7. Whatever your specific needs are, DSS will design, implement and oversee these security measures for you. DSS integrates the lifestyle of the estate with operational procedures and state-of-the-art security technologies and armed or unarmed security agents, to create a safe and unobtrusive home security environment.

Ultimately, estate security should be a multi-layered approach, combining physical measures, technology, and proactive resident involvement to provide comprehensive protection and deliver a peace of mind. The specific security measures adopted will depend on the size of the estate, budget, and the level of security required by its residents. We deploy a multi-layered approach that includes the following:

Ensuring that the estate is equipped with the necessary smart camera system/surveillance system, fences, walls, or gates to control access points and prevent unauthorized entry

Implementing access control measures and procedures to regulate who can enter the estate. This may involve using key cards, access codes, biometric systems, or security personnel who verify visitors before granting them entry.

Deploying our highly-trained security team, who follows protocol and procedures but are also responsive and proactive to deter any criminal activity

Ensuring detection systems, such as burglar alarms, and the appropriate monitoring are in place

Adequate lighting is crucial to deter criminals, as well-lit areas make it harder for them to hide or carry out illegal activities unnoticed

Educating estate residents about security measures and best practices is essential to create a proactive security culture. The DSS team will respond to all reports raised by the residents.

Developing an emergency response plan is crucial in case of natural disasters, medical emergencies, or security threats. This plan should include evacuation procedures and contact information for emergency services.

Conducting background checks on employees, contractors, and domestic staff who work within the estate can help reduce potential security risks

Potential Estate Security Measures



Early warning
entry system


Ingress & Egress


Main electric

Main water

Alarm system,
locations, protocol

Camera systems,

Locking mechanisms

Access controls systems

Protocol with
principle family

Protocols with guests,
house staff

Perimeter security procedural manual

Armed & unarmed
security agents

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