Security Services: Executive Protection

Executive protection allows us to ensure discreet security and minimize the risks for high profile individuals in both personal and professional environments.

Premium Quality & Ethical Service

David Shield Security founders provide the highest level of executive protection based on their extensive training and work at the Israeli Secret Service worldwide. For the Secret Service, they were in charge of the safety and security of Israel Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ministers of Defense, and Treasures among others. When deployed overseas, they were in charge of security for Diplomats, including Ambassadors and Consul Generals, their families, venues, events and transportation, domestically and internationally. In the US, DSS offers the highest level of personal protection for dignitaries, celebrities, and high net worth individuals.

Our protective service starts with a detailed planning and preparation. We are creative, ready to improvise and understand the nature of all plans is to be changed at moment notice. We are well connected and have established a proven security network for support around the globe.

Our Ultimate Goal:

To allow each and every client and his or her family to freely exercise normal way of life, with minimal interruption while safety and security remain at the highest level.