Corporate: TSCM

Our technical surveillance countermeasure services act as your first line of defense against highly sophisticated corporate security risks.

Correct & Counteract Vulnerabilities

DSS provides Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services to private individuals and corporations. Our aim is to offer world-class service through the use of state-of-the-art equipment, experienced search and accredited training. DSS uses the latest in counter-surveillance detection equipment and are capable of locating the very latest audio and video devices available on the market.

DSS only engage in house personnel with extensive experience in TSCM operations, whom have provided such services to major international corporations, and individual ‘high net-worth’ clientele.

Two Important Questions to Consider

  1. How important is information to your business?
  2. How would the loss of competitive information affect your operational, reputation and financial credibility?

Our TSCM (Debugging) Solution

Information is power! It is the lifeblood of any organization or business. Where does one look for the potential eavesdropping? He, or she, can be categorized in any number of ways; he or she can be a member of some activist, competitor, reporter, vendor, union, a company employee, member or official of your own organization, family or even a neighbor. In brief, there is no standard description of the potential ‘eavesdropper’; he or she could be anyone. DSS has the ability to conduct full and professional physical & technical sweeps. We are also able to offer consultancy services on the physical security protection of your site.

TSCM Conference Monitoring Is A Must

Conducting corporate board meetings without a technical countermeasure sweep and TSCM in-conference monitoring is a risk that could lead to a security breach. The vast amount of our corporate clients requires this technical service. If there is the slightest doubt that a conference room is free of eavesdropping devices, poor security technology, weak security procedures, and unsecured Wi-Fi, you need our services.

Our Service Consists of Three Phases:

1. Initial Site Review.

Prior to conducting a TSCM survey, we will attend the location to be swept in order to review your concerns and requirements to ensure effective service.

2. TSCM Survey.

Sweep & Analysis utilizing the latest specialist electronic TSCM equipment.

Skilled deep physical search & inspection of the ‘at risk’ location.

3. Report.

A technical report of our findings, along with practical advice on how to further protect and defend your location from ‘eavesdropping’.

Reliable TSCM Services

Our technicians with counter-espionage background and the best technology in the industry will provide you with high-quality TSCM services.