Executive Protection In Los Angeles

Executive Protection in Los Angeles

The modern world is riddled with risks, both corporate and personal, which is why many individuals are turning to executive protection services. David Shield Security is the leading provider of comprehensive executive protection in Los Angeles, and our clients love working with us because we maintain a philosophy of low profile security. In other words, we believe that security should not interrupt your life.

Whether you opt for close protection or discreet surveillance, we work hard to minimize risk and maximize mobility, ensuring that your daily activities continue as normal. Most importantly, our agents adhere to a strict code of ethics, protecting your privacy and intellectual property at the highest level of confidentiality.

Why invest in executive protection in Los Angeles?

Each year, Los Angeles plays host to dozens of major entertainment and sporting events. Tourists from across the globe frequent the city, hoping to catch a glimpse of historical sites, museums, stores, and landmarks. Despite its relatively small size, this city is home to more than 4 million people.

In the midst of this thriving urban center, it comes as no surprise that many high net-worth and high visibility individuals must obtain private security services. At David Shield Security, we’ve spent decades honing our risk-assessment strategy. In densely populated cities like Los Angeles, risk assessment is critical. Our agents are trained to de-escalate situations, resolve conflicts, as well as identify, evaluate and neutralize threats. These skills ensure that we protect our clients from risk and exposure while maintaining public safety.

Who needs executive protection in Los Angeles?

As the heart of the film and television industry, it comes as no surprise that many famous entertainers require executive protection in Los Angeles. From world-class athletes to award-winning actors, individuals in the public eye often face increased security threats. At David Shield Security, we will coordinate and manage your security, providing protection for your family, your assets, and your person.

In addition to celebrities, there are plenty of other individuals who may need executive protection. We frequently work with politicians, corporate executives, high profile families, diplomats, and foreign dignitaries. Whether you’re living in Los Angeles, or simply visiting, our dedicated agents ensure that you can experience the city with confidence. Together, we’ll assess your transportation routes, itinerary and expected risks in order to create an action plan. Whether uniformed or covert, our dedicated agents will deftly ensure your safety. We prioritize your peace of mind, making us the premier provider of executive protection in Los Angeles.

David Shield Security offers state of the art executive protection in Los Angeles, customized for your needs. Founded by former Secret Service and IDF Elite Special Operations Forces, our agents understand the rigorous demands of personal protection.

Customize Your Executive Protection Plan

Residential Security

If you have a primary or secondary residence in Los Angeles, you may consider residential security services. David Shield Security will evaluate your property and ensure that your family is protected from risks such as paparazzi, political protesters, or stalkers. Our agents are available at all hours to ensure that your home feels secure.

Secure Travel Service

Los Angeles is considered one of the largest travel hubs in the country. Unfortunately, travel often presents new safety risks for high-profile individuals. From airports to train stations to ship docks, our elite security team will secure the departure environment and accompany you and your family to your destination.

Security Driver

Executive protection in Los Angeles frequently requires a security driver. In a city famed for difficult traffic, our armored vehicles and skilled agents provide safe transport to your destination. Additionally, our traveler tracking services ensure that your loved ones remain apprised of your progress.

Protective Surveillance

In order to maintain a low-profile, many of our clients request protective surveillance. Perhaps the most popular form of executive protection in Los Angeles, our surveillance teams maintain a respectful distance while ensuring that they are able to react quickly in the event of a threat. As a result, our clients can continue their daily activities with the confidence that comes from the presence of elite protection.

Crisis Management

Natural disasters and unexpected hazards present unique challenges for individuals who require executive protection. The David Shield Security team can safely perform emergency extractions, relocations, and disaster recovery. In the aftermath of disaster, you need a crisis management team that you can trust.

Counter Surveillance

The hustle and bustle of Los Angeles offers convenient cover for prying eyes. In the event that our client is being followed or investigated, we will take immediate counter surveillance action. Your privacy is our highest priority, so our agents will deter and deny any further surveillance attempts.

Why David Shield Security?

David Shield Security provides world-class executive protection in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We insist that our clients feel confident in their safety and security. To ensure that confidence, we employ only the best operatives from intelligence, counter-terrorism, and counter-espionage teams. In fact, our elite agents have tested their skills in some of the most dangerous countries in the world before coming together for a singular purpose - providing comprehensive security and privacy for individuals facing unique risks.